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Yard Care: Lawn, Shrubs, Beds


Grass Mulch-Cutting: Rider or Push


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Weed Whacking & Edging

Air Sweep-Up (Back-Pack Blower)

Weed Pulling, Spraying & Weed Control

Leaf & Pine Straw Bagging

Shrub & Plant Trimming/Pruning

Bag & Debris Pick-Up

Garage, Driveway & Roof Air Sweeping




Grass Cutting: Rider or Push

Use professional, commercial equipment for higher quality, dependability, and efficiency.

Mulch cut and then blow out any excess grass clippings on the lawn.

Mulch light or residue leaves into the lawn after bagging the bulk of the leaves.

Smooth out uneven mower cuts around dips, holes, etc. with a weed-whacker.

Don’t cut grass in the rain or on soggy lawns.

Make wider than average mower turns to avoid pivoting tire damage.

Double cut, if needed, to eliminate hard-to-get grass stalks.

Watch out for sprinkler heads stuck in the up position, toys & hoses. We'll replace if damaged.

Pick up trash and don't mow it into a mess.

Offer multiple grass cutting heights for each lawn, as needed.

Weed Whacking & Edging

Carefully keep very neat grass edges using a weed whacker or blade edger.

Spray or trim away weeds/grass in sidewalk & driveway cracks each lawn service.

Keep from weed whacking grass clippings into fish ponds, pools, etc.

Air Sweep-Up (Back-Pack Blower)

Air sweep sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, etc.

Broom-sweep out mower-pressed-grass from sidewalks and driveways.

Keep from blowing grass clippings & leaves into fish ponds, pools, etc.

Air sweeping parking lots may blow some dust on vehicles. We blow off the vehicles.

Weeding Pulling, Spraying & Pre-Emergent

Get almost (95%) all of the weeds from bush/flower beds by pulling/spraying each visit. Some tiny, very low weeds cannot be pulled, and if too close to bushes, cannot be sprayed either.

Hand pull weeds (some oak-weeds cannot be pulled) from the base to get the roots.

Remove scrap sticks, pine cones, and trash from beds.

Leaf & Pine Straw Bagging

Air sweep leaves off bed edging grasses and mulch.

Do not blow leaves from lawn into beds, unless the customer desires.

Take some leaves from beds, bag with lawn leaves, then blow the very little remains back into the beds. If weed pulling is contracted, then we blow out bed leaves each service.

Reach under the bushes for those built up and matted leaves.

Air sweep & tarp leaves to lot corners/wood lines or shrubs to save you money.

Shrub & Plant Trimming/Pruning

Remove trimmings off the ground and from bush tops by hand/rake and bag.

Do not cut shrub blooms unless instructed. We trim/prune the lower portions of the shrubs at the ground for a neater look.

When maintaining shrubs regularly, we trim to original size & shape to avoid crowding plants.

Pre-prune old, over-grown stems/branches, then trim shrubs for a proper look and future, fuller growth.

Degrees of Shrub Work:

   "Touch-Up" - A quick cutting of only the sprouts popping above the average growth.

   "Full"           - A complete trim/shape of the entire shrub, light growth is a little quicker.

   "Severe"      - A hard cut-back of the shrubs to resize which leaves little or no leaves.

Bag & Debris Pick-Up

Haul off 1 or 2 bags & debris each lawn service, if you don't have regular city debris pick-up.

Garage, Driveway & Roof Air Sweeping

Air sweep out your garage, if the door is open. Roof blower air sweeping incurs an additional charge.