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Sprinkler Systems





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Use heavier schedule-40 piping and NOT the weaker schedule 200 (21S) “thin-wall.”

Use professional grade spray heads, valves, and timers; NOT cheaper retail brands.

Refill and pack piping trenches thoroughly (2 or 3 times if needed) to prevent sod sinkage.

Foam cushions under sprinkler heads along driveways, to prevent heads from sinking and to protect against vehicle damage.

Visit your home once again to adjust sprinkler heads or timers if needed, free of charge.

Thoroughly prime, glue, ¼ turn, and hold 10  seconds all connections to guarantee no-leak piping.

Set the valve box on brick to prevent a mower from pressing down the box and cracking pipes.

Seal up piping holes into valve boxes to keep dirt out and protect valves from dirt filling.

Use proper angled fittings for corners and do not bend or stress pipe improperly.

Use sealed spray heads, NOT open/capped, to prevent dirt & debris from inhibiting long term operation.