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Service Agreement: Terms & Conditions

Special Circumstances


      Please, never leave money for field workers to pick-up, nor hand money to workers on-site. Always mail checks to J&P Landscape, Inc., unless specifically agreed with the owner.

Leaf Bags:

      Contact J&P to confirm the scheduling for moving/piling bags at curb for the city debris pick-up, otherwise it will be assumed that the customer will place the bags out at the appropriate time. If we're in the area, we may be able to come by at no charge, but for special, out of the way trips, there may be an additional charge.

Protection from Lawn Equipment:

      Customer must provide some form of marking or protection (such as stones, brick or edging) to clearly alert the worker to flowers, plants or small trees, that could be damaged by a Grass Trimming (Weed-Whacker).

      Customer must have small, breakable ornaments or decorations stored in a safe place wherever blowing off decks or porches is desired.


Changes to the lawn service schedule are possible with a 2 days notice.

If a storm is imminent, you can call us to postpone service until afterwards.

Actual lawn service may vary from schedule by ±1 day per week of visit interval. For example, up to ±2 days if service is every 2 weeks, due to weather and unforeseen issues. We make every effort to service the lawn by the end of the scheduled week.

Four season, custom scheduling: You may have us service the lawn more or less  frequently in four different periods of the year. This is designed to maximize your dollar based on how fast/slow your grass grows and leaves fall.

Per-Visit Basis Payments

Please do not give payments, cash, money orders or checks, to workers nor leave on property.

Mail payments to J&P Landscape, 3700A Schillinger Rd. N., Lot #54; Semmes, AL 36575.

For new customers (1st year), payments are made on a per-visit basis and may be adjusted for excessive leaf blowing/bagging loads.

Normalized ("Monthly") Payments

Due by the 23rd by mail only.

Mail Payments to J&P Landscape, 3700A Schillinger Rd. N., Lot #54; Semmes, AL 36575.

Payments are not designed to precisely pay for visits during that particular month nor the following month. With custom scheduling, some months may have 2 visits, some even 3 visits, and some months only have 1 visit, with the normalized (monthly) payments being the same amount each month. Payments are the mathematical result of multiplying the number of visits during the service period by the price per visit and then dividing the result by the number of payments.

Each payment is not to be considered a "month-to-month" payment for a particular month's services, but are simply a fraction of the entire year's payments & services.

If cancellation occurs, then balance must be paid up or refunded for all visits performed and payments made based on the "per-visit" price.

Leaf Bag Hauling

Hauling, if no city debris pick-up (west of Cody & Sollie Roads), a hauling off a bag or two of leaves each lawn service visit is included with the lawn service. Every effort is made to haul off as much as we can each day.

Otherwise, leaf bags are normally left at the road, 1-2 days prior for city debris pick-up. Every effort is given to schedule & service the lawn for this. In cases where this is not possible due to customer specified custom scheduling or weather, the customer:

     a) must specifically direct to place the bags at road earlier than 2 days before city debris

         pick-up (The city can fine up to $250),

     b) can place the bags out themselves (usually from the back of the driveway) on the proper

         day, or

     c) pay an additional charge for J&P to make a special trip to pick-up and haul off or to move

         from the back of the driveway (or non-pick-up day bag location) to the curb.

Possible Additional Fees

Loading & hauling (already bagged) leaf bags to dump is $1.00 per bag or $60.00 - $80.00 per full trailer (holds 45 to 60 bags of 50 gallons each). Loading & hauling branches is $80.00 - $120.00 per full trailer, 6ft. x 9ft. x 4ft..

Service visits cancelled or postponed when crew is on-site: $20.00.

Push mowing lawn where riding mower could be used: $5.00 - $20.00.

Un-contracted rye grass cutting in winter (normal non-growing season): $5.00 - $20.00.

Cleaning up leaves, branches, trees, etc. from tropical storms & hurricanes and after city debris pickup for storm - To be determined by labor hours.

Bush trimming and bed weed pulling are not included in lawn service.

Wasp/Yellow Jacket bees that interfere with services: $5.00 per Can.


Complete removal of sand, stone or cigarette butts from parking lots or acorns from yard.

Mower tracks/ruts incurred when a customer requires service upon wet or soggy yards.

Discoloration of grass in riding mower tracks for visits more often than every 2 weeks. Use of a small push mower every other visit is generally sufficient to avoid this issue, but incurs an additional fee for push mowing instead of rider mowing.

Lawn service in areas of yard with excessive dog manure.