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I have a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering (’87) from Clarkson University (Student ID #29348) in Potsdam, NY, although I never used it practically. I served in the Army as an Infantryman for 2&1/2 years in West Germany(’83-’85) between my sophomore & junior years, saving money for college.

I worked as a software programmer 6 years (’88-’94) for International Paper (Sold Mill to Verso Paper) in Jay, ME (Androscoggin Mill) in the Process Control Dept. I also worked for 2&1/2 years (’94-’97) at QMS (Sold to Minolta, then Konica) in Mobile, AL (Howells-Ferry & Schillinger ) in the Technical Support and Training Departments. I resigned from QMS in June ’97 for personal reasons  and to change careers.

I took a half year off (’97) and married (’98) in Delaware. Spent a year (’99) in Ohio, with my wife Phyllis, where she worked in music ministry at a bible college. I took a part time cooking job.

We then returned (’99) to Mobile, AL to be with friends and start the lawn care business. Phyllis home schooled our three children, Grace (’04), Timothy (’02), and Stephen (’00) until they reached the 8th grade, then I took over home schooling. We live in a '02 mobile home on a rented lot in Alexis Place Park. We don't have a personal vehicle, but one of the two company trucks has been enough for the past few years.

I speak and read French and German, am a licensed seaplane pilot, and can train dogs pretty well. I enjoy a logical, common sense discussion of the Bible.