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Drawings, Materials List


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Soil Amendments

Grading & Leveling

Trees, Shrubs, Plants & Flowers

Weed Block Fabric

Bed Mulch, Pine Straw

Pre-Emergent Weed Control


Material Photos: Gravel Rock

Material Photos: River Stones

Material Photos: Boulders



Select plants with you & design an arrangement upon job approval & down payment.

Remove unwanted plants & roots, sometimes tilling the bed, to prepare the dirt.

Amend the bed dirt with topsoil, pine bark mulch, cow manure, peat moss & proper fertilizer for healthy, long-term growth. We do not just ‘plug in’ the plants into small tight holes of red clay.

Carefully rough up the root ball to better stimulate plant root growth.

Work with you to exactly position the plants in the beds, prior to setting, if desired.

Install weed block fabric over the entire bed, overlapping and stapling the fabric edges secure.

Spread the proper 3" of mulch or pine straw. We don't just ‘top-dress’ beds with a thin layer.

Pick out sticks & pine cones and then clean off any stray needles from the shrubs and plants.

Add pre-emergent weed control & water-in the plants.

Advise you how to properly water & fertilize plants, thereafter.